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Lil Leaders

Lil Leaders Program: Designed for Preschoolers

Kate Lil leadersOur Childrens Martial Arts in Springboro Ohio was designed specifically for children ages 4-6 years old. In Lil’ Leaders, children learn classroom structure, cooperation with other children…and GREAT MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING. They will train with other children in their age group, allowing your child to feel comfortable and more capable of achieving excellence.

The Lil’ Leaders Program is structured on a rotational curriculum that teaches 8 very important skills. The 8 skills selected for the Lil’ Leaders Program were broken down into specific requirements that each student will tackle at every belt level. Just like the “big kids”, Lil Leaders are able to earn stripes and even test for belts. In this way, they truly get the concept of hard work yields a reward. Instructors also work to instill in the children that when they leave, they are to show their parents the same respect as they show the instructors during class.

Here are the 8 skills broken down in the Lil’ Leaders Program:

Complete education of these 8 skills will help your child be the best they possibly can be at their age of development. They will advance to the top of their age group while they learn and have fun. You and your child will not regret the adventure you are about to undertake!